A memorial.

13 November, 2023 – 10:23 am

As a traditional stonemason, I spend my time doing all aspects of stonemasonry and letter-cutting, this is my latest completed commission.

I am an old Manwoodian of Sir Roger Manwood’s school in Sandwich.

In the Summer, I was commissioned to carve a name onto the commemorative plaque in the school hall.

During the October half-term, I spent the day carving.

The fonts used by previous carvers on this plaque and the existing one are all slightly different so I drew my layout to compliment them all.

Working off a scaffolding tower for the day always poses difficulties, it wasn’t quite high enough so I stood on small carpet tiles to lift me up a bit and held my arms higher.
However 7 hours of discomfort is nothing compared to a life given.

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  2. Awesome job…it was why you were chosen and boy did you deliver. With thanks the OMA.

    By Keith Simpson on Nov 15, 2023

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