Stone carving

These photos are of my broken seashell sculpture. Hand carved out of Tetbury limestone , it is 10 x 10 x 12 inches and costs £1600.

These 3 are of my Tetbury limestone sculpture, inspired by a broken seashell but I have taken the shapes from the shell to create the form rather than copy the shell literally. It is 14 x 13 x21 inches and is £6000.

The 1st image is about the stone first, because of the beautiful colours and fossils throughout the stone, I wanted to enhance these incredible features. The floaty shapes of a sea creature seemed to match the stone. I have polished the stone all round to bring out the amazing features in this stone. (details to come).
The 2nd two photos are of my sculpture that is inspired by a piece of broken seashell and is very light and delicate. It is 3 x 4 x 19 inches. It is hand carved French limestone and is £2400.

This one is from my latest set of drawings and is inspired by the chalk beach formation on the beach at St Margaret’s bay near Dover. The flint pebbles roll around on the chalk and create incredible hollows.

I have used flint for the base from some fields (with permission). I don’t use ones from the beach.

This stands 19 inches tall and is 14 inches wide and 2 inches deep. (Price to follow).

Hand carved out of Tetbury limestone and depicts a mother cradling her infant.

Family group, from a series of sculptures inspired by ice age sculpture. I have hand carved this out of French limestone, £5000. Size to follow.

Hand carved Brown Bear eating a Salmon. Tetbury limestone. 3ft high. £8,000.

The green man was a commission and is hand carved out of a piece of Forest of Dean sandstone 30 x 8 x 4 inches and costs £2400 The portrait of Bryn is a commission and is hand carved out of a piece of silvery green Cornish slate, it measures roughly 8 inches square and is £285.

I love carving figures and faces, I use all different types of stone and wood.

I design and carve bookends.

This is some heraldry that I carved and installed for a castle in South Wales.

A lintel repair for a house in Sandwich in Kent.

I welcome commissions for all types of carving.