Glass Jewellery.

15 March, 2024 – 8:48 am

Before Christmas I bought some beautiful torch-work glass beads from a skilled craftsman. He creates the beads by melting glass rods together and the result is magical.

Due to my workload I haven’t had a chance to start creating with them…until now.

This beautiful ring made with a cabochon bead, it reminds me of the Cat’s Eye Nebula. (size S, £65).

I also have two more new pairs of earring made using simple glass beads, the orange ones feature torch-work beads in the middle. (£40)

I use sterling silver to make my findings on the beads and earrings and use a special paste to protect them from the heat while I am soldering the joins.

The pendants are £28-£32 each.

Silver soldering was a skill that my Dad taught me, he used to repair clocks and watches.

I have some more lovely glass beads, but I need to get some stone carving done so I have put my equipment away for now.

If you would like to commission a unique piece of jewellery, please get in touch.

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