25 October, 2023 – 11:10 am

I love getting out on site.

This was a small re-pointing job that needed to be addressed before the winter sets in.

Cutting out rubbish cement and building back in bricks with lime mortar is very satisfying.

Lime mortar allows the building to breathe, whilst keeping the weather out. It doesn’t trap moisture like cement, so ultimately reduces the chance of damp inside. Done properly lime mortar will looks beautiful and will stand the test of time. Because cement is so hard and un-yielding, the stone or brick breaks down and erodes around it, this makes it easier for moisture to get in and therefore the erosion procession will speed up. Freeze/thaw happens when the moisture in the blocks freezes, expands then thaws and this will repeat. The material undergoing this process will break down.
Lime allows the movement of moisture through the blocks and out of the building, reducing the chance of this process taking hold and increasing the life of the building material.

I am looking forward to getting back out on site after the last frost in Spring 2024.

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