Commissions and carving.

22 October, 2023 – 10:52 am

I love playing around with the letter forms to create the word, these two, hand carved and painted Forest of Dean sandstone, Petals like a Primrose and Petrichor, the smell of the rain after a dry spell.

The Star, my customers favourite Tarot card, hand carved out of a piece of French limestone 14 x 19 inches. A Forest of Dean sandstone house sign, hand carved with a Roman Font.

The last of these three is a plaque that I was commissioned to carve by the Worshipful Company of Masons. It features the heraldry of this historic livery company, I hand carved this out of Welsh slate and the base is St Bees Sandstone, the letters are hand carved and gilded.

I needed to shape the top of the stone before I could start this memorial, this meant cutting the corners off. The mandala pattern was an important part of the design and had to be drawn out using geometry first.

I am using the corners to carve images from the memorial to add a connection for the whole family. The first corner, I cut in half to create a pair of bookends and carved the Mandala pattern into. The second corner is waiting to be carved but will be a triangular bowl of Peony flowers to draw the three pieces together. The stone is York Sandstone.

These last three carvings are very different, the Green man is hand carved out of Forest of Dean sandstone and features 3 little mice, the Green man is eyeing them up playing amongst his leaves.

The clock is one of my most requested designs, with the different coloured numbers.

Vine Tree cottage, where I have used the shape of the stone and the vines to create unique house sign, commissioned as a present.

If you would like to discuss a commission for a unique stone carving, please feel free to get in touch via my contact page.


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