What’s new in my workshop?

12 September, 2023 – 10:57 am

I have been busy working through my commission schedule, the Green Man is hand carved out of tetbury limestone and represents about 40 hours work.

House signs are my bread and butter and it’s always fun to use colours creatively and add motifs, the tw numbers are hand carved out of Welsh slate, the Number 3 has 3 different greens, gradually dark to light and the 24, cut it into a circle with the addition of the daffodil.

The Bookends and Shelvin Farm house are the next two on my list and thankfully the weather is cooler so I can feel comfortable in my dust mask.

I have some interesting conservation work to get on with before the frosts start, I am doing some re-pointing using lime mortar, this is the foundation of my training as a stonemason and when done properly not only looks beautiful but can protect homes from damp and erosion. Cement traps the water and doesn’t allow the bricks or stone to breathe.

In this instance, I was pointing the empty joints, the next stage of this job is to cut out cement and some dead bricks, ready to re-point with the lime mortar.

I have another day on this part of the job, I will be starting the next part next Spring, this type of work can’t be carried out once the frosts have started.

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