Exciting new commission.

12 April, 2023 – 5:23 pm

I am excited to announce that I have been appointed the letter carver at The Worshipful Company of Founders. Near Smithfield Market in central London, it is one of the oldest livery companies, with history as far back as 1365.

This is a lifetime job, one or two days a year, depending on the length of the name.

Every year a new master is elected. It will be my job to paint the name of the outgoing master on a gilded background underneath their decorative shield. Historically, these shields would have been the family crest but obviously in modern times the Masters are normal people and so their shield reflect their job or something that enjoy doing. I will also carve this name into a stone plaque on the wall in the reception area.

Originally this livery company was established to ensure the quality of the metal in such things as candle sticks, buckles, straps etc, fairness within the foundries between master and apprentice and obviously fine anyone for working when they shouldn’t or using sub-standard materials. They were responsible for charitable activities as well which is a thread through to their modern charitable foundation.

I will be going up at the end of May to carry out this work and will obviously post photos when I have carried out my work.


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