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10 January, 2023 – 11:10 am
Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem was carved into an old grinding stone that my customer brought in to me. After a chisel check to make sure it was suitable for carving, I measured in from the edge and adjusted these measurements to balance the letter forms, this gave me my construction lines for the words.

My customer brought in this piece of stone for me to carve his house sign into a few years ago, and he wanted me to use the same font. Burleigh had been painted onto the lintel of his house and that was from where I originally copied it.

As this one was designed using a calligraphy pen, it couldn’t just be copied from a book and so I used the original as a guide for the new one.

My customer loved the sign that I had carved for her a back in January 2022…

…and so she commissioned this one as a Christmas present for her Mum.

Vine Tree Cottage

Using the letters and pictures to describe the words is great fun and helps to bring the sign to life. The piece of stone is from the Forest of Dean and is a natural shape, I can control how the stone breaks in order to get the shape my customer wants. I have painted it with a signwriter’s enamel paint to ensure the longevity of the finish.

Finally I drill the holes and provide the fixings. For an small extra cost I can come and put your house sign up for you.

Prices are worked out per letter, the variables of size, complexity, finish and stone type are what informs the final cost.

Please get in touch if you would like a free, no obligation quote.


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