New jewellery.

13 December, 2022 – 1:40 pm

I was asked by a friend if I could make a replacement for a lost earring. I have thoroughly enjoyed sourcing some beautiful lucky dip beads from Etsy shops. This has left me with lots of choice and some beautiful glass beads to make new earrings for my shop.

I already use Pearls and slate, and all my jewellery is made from scratch using sterling silver wire.

Here are the ones that I have made so far, needless to say, I have some more beads on the way to create some more.

I have used sterling silver wire and chosen the beads that work so beautifully together.

These are all priced at £45 a pair and from the hook to the bottom of the earring are between 3 and 4 inches.

I make the hooks too and these have been soldered so they won’t come apart.

I can make stud earrings and clip-ons to order.


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