Chalk beach sculpture.

31 December, 2022 – 4:50 pm

This is the first in my new series of sculptures inspired by St Margaret’s Bay near Dover.

I decided to use a 2 inch thick piece of French limestone for the purity of colour but also it’s density and suitability for this sculpture.

I decided to use flint for the base, this isn’t from the beach as I don’t want to remove something that is part of the coastal defences. I have collected, with permission from the land owner from fields, where it would be a nuisance.

Here’s a video of me carving a particularly hard area, there is some fossilised shell in the stone so I have to carefully chisel over this area. The ringing sound indicates that this stone has no flaws in it.

I have cast the base using the flint built around the uncarved base. It should be ready in a few days then I can finesse my sculpture.

Here we go, as of today, almost finished.


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