My sculptures.

12 November, 2022 – 1:28 pm

Alot of what I design and carve maybe on the small side, this is to ensure that what I do is accessible for more than a small group of people and also ensures that my business remains a success, but my passion lies with the ability to design and carve larger sculptural pieces

I am inspired by natural beauty, whether it is found in the sea, in the forest or the elegance of our own forms.

I went to school at Sir Roger Manwood’s in Sandwich and at this time they had an excellent 3D art department, and this started my journey in sculpture.

I carried out a degree in sculpture in Canterbury from 1996-1999. The focus of my degree was portrait and figurative sculpture. We drew and sculpted from live models using clay and plaster, during the second year of my degree we had the pleasure of a 6 week stone carving course with the head mason from Canterbury Cathedral, Heather Newton. This began my rocky love affair with stone carving.

This first set of stone carving are inspired by the natural shapes found by the sea, I have extensive sketchbooks and found objects to work from.

These next set of photos show my sculptures that are inspired by the human form and from an exhibition I went to back in February 2013 showing the beauty of Ice Age sculpture.

As I scaled up my sculptures, I knew that in order to maintain the lightness and elegance of these forms, I needed to pierce through the sculpture to allow the light to pass through. I continue to develop my sculptures and with each commission that I get my ideas have time to form and mature and these paid jobs enable me to carry on carving beautiful and elegant forms.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss a commission, please follow this link.


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