House signs.

13 September, 2022 – 1:26 pm

I always love getting out in the Fresh air and yesterday was no exception. Up on the hillside in Herefordshire carving a house sign in the wall.

My office for the day.

I am never sure what the stone is like to carve until I put my chisel in, it’s often hard but not un-carveable.

The blank canvas.

This was local sandstone, and I was commissioned to carve house name and the date of construction.

My customer likes how I form my letters and was happy with how I had drawn it out. I didn’t initially draw the date on as they wanted to double check that before I made it permanent.

It’s pretty tricky wedging myself into the workspace but there were plenty of pieces of rock that I could use to stop the legs of my stool sinking into the ground.

We all came to the same conclusion that it looks better unpainted. In this image, I had only just washed it so even wet it is visible and when it’s dried the letters will be much brighter.

If you have a project in mind, please feel free to get in touch to discuss it. I am happy to travel, and I am in South-East Kent every 4-6wks.


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