House signs

22 July, 2022 – 1:51 pm

I carve house signs to order and these can take many forms, this is my latest example.

I was asked to re-carve an existing house sign as my customer was having his wall dismantled and re-built. He brought the stone in to my workshop and the only option was to take the weathered surface back until I found good stone, I couldn’t take too much in case I hit the 2 bars cemented into the back of the stone.

Because of the bars I needed to raise the stone so I could mason off the surface so I screwed 2 pieces of wood together either side of the bars.

Once I had chiselled down and the stone was flat I sanded the surface and drew the letters on, I needed to make it as similar to the existing one that didn’t need re-carving. Using measurements and a photo of the other one I drew the sign on. Ensuring my customer was happy with the layout I set about carving and painting the house sign. You will be pleased to hear that when he collected his new sign he was delighted.

Feel free to get in touch if you have a sign that you need me to carve.


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