New carvings

8 March, 2022 – 5:20 pm

I am getting ready for some exciting events this year and my theme is Medieval and historical subjects associated with Kent.

The Dragons with knotwork is my own design from a series that I was working on back in 2017. When I first started on my own I used to carve Celtic knotwork taken from historical manuscripts but I always knew that I would eventually design my own and here is one of those designs. This is carved out of Welsh slate from the Horseshoe Pass in North Wales.

The first event this year is a medieval market organised by the Sandwich Medieval Trust. It takes place in St Mary’s Church in Sandwich. I thought it would be fun to design and carve a pair of bookends in the form of a Medieval Cog. These are carved out of French limestone.

The bookends featuring Hengist and Horsa are hand carved out of Forest of Dean sandstone. They were invited by Vortigern the King of Kent in the 5th C to help him get rid of the Picts and the Scots, they received Thanet as payment but it wasn’t enough. they wanted all of Kent so went to battle. Horsa was slain supposedly in Aylesford. Most of the writing is from 300 years after their escapades so there isn’t alot about them. I have incorporated a horse motif on Hengist’s axe and Horsa’s shield.

The Seashell is synonymous with pilgrims and symbolises St James the Great, this is the Church from the village I grew up in and also the symbol from one of my first jobs at Staple Vineyard. I have carved this out of Welsh slate from the Horseshoe Pass in North Wales.

The final pair of bookends are inspired by my love of swimming in crystal blue water, I used to love swimming in the outdoor pool at my school Sir Roger Manwood’s and still love to swim in the lido local to where I live now. These are carved out of Forest of Dean sandstone.

I am looking forward to collecting my Kentish Ragstone from Maidstone, hopefully this will be ready in time for me to carve some designs and a full alphabet.

All of these designs and the ones I haven’t carved yet will be available to buy at the events that I will be taking part in this year.

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  2. Hi, I have followed you for about 6 years and have found some of your carvings very inspiring. I guess there are a lot of people out there you have helped without knowing. Well, I am one. Your carvings of Hengist and Horsa are just amazing.
    I met Andrew Worthington from Cheshire about 6 years ago and went on a weekend coarse learning how to carve Maltese limestone. Today its almost a full time hobby and I just love the process. Still to sell anything.

    So, thank you so much for sharing your stuff and I do so wish you well. Dave

    By David on Mar 9, 2022

  3. Thank you. Don’t forget to have fun. Hobbies aren’t always meant to be monetised.

    By Caroline Horwood on Mar 29, 2022

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