New carvings

27 March, 2022 – 6:46 pm

Here are some images of what I am working on at the moment and what’s coming up.

Tealight holders are fun to do and the simpler ones don’t take too long, but adding radiating tool marks when it suits the stone can elevate it from just a piece of stone with a hole in it. My Owl tealight holder is more time consuming as I have to swap the drill bits to get through the stone, and make sure the stone is secured safely before I start to drill. All the drilling has to be carried out on my pillar drill with running water to make sure I don’t burn out the diamond core drill. These pieces of equipment can be quite expensive. The photos are from either side so you can see how effective this is. You may have remembered that I have done some in the past with cave painting in them but I need to get some more stone for this type of creation. I decided to carve the beak and tooling around the holes because I thought it looked like an owl.

I still have about 10 hours work on my mermaid carving. This is a piece of Portland limestone and I drew the design straight onto the stone. If I draw a design in my sketchbook, it is very difficult to re-draw it the same, the only way I can copy it over in this instance is to make a template so I often draw straight onto the stone to get my design how I want it.

These are some of the new pieces that I will be carving over the coming weeks. Obviously I need to work on my commissions too but I hope to have these done before Easter.


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