Designing word styles

25 March, 2022 – 9:53 am

I have been struggling to concentrate on my commissions and new pieces as the site gets busier and visitors like to stop me to ask questions. Which is fine and part of working from a visitor attraction. However when my flow is interrupted on a regular basis I lose focus and my work flow begins to suffer.

I have decided to close to visitors during the week except by appointment. I am open as normal to the public at the weekend. This means that I can get on with jobs I have been unable to do, simple jobs like cutting stone for some of my new carvings and sitting quietly designing how words are formed.

I thought you might like to see them before I start the carving process.

Obviously once they are carved I will be sanding the stone and then painting the lettering, I have some beautiful blues for the Mermaid…

Like these bookends which were inspired by swimming in an outdoor pool, something I love to do.

As you can see, the tail of the M has a wave crest and the tail of the a is terminated with a mermaid’s tail.

Serendipity is fluid and sing has almost note forms in the letters.

Each word is designed straight onto the stone and I may rub all or part of it off and re-draw it until I am happy that it looks how I want it to.

Obviously the next stage is to carve it and for that I will take the stone back to my workshop and do that there.

I look forward to showing you the finished carving and my next series of designs.


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