Angel listening

29 December, 2021 – 10:13 am

I started a new carving in November, here is how far I have got.

carving in my studio.

I have been working on a proposal for a commission so I didn’t finish my angel but I have been working on the wings.

Shaping the outside of the stone to make the wings curved, I have drawn on the feathers and started to chop in the details.

I have some more letter cutting commissions to get done and then I can get back on with my Angel carving. She will be available to buy in my shop once I have finished her.

If I am successful at the first stage of this commission bid then I will be shortlisted along with 3 others and I will be commissioned to carve a scale model of my proposal. I will know either way by the 16th of Jan and will share my design with you after then.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.


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