New sculptures.

10 March, 2021 – 11:13 am

I am so excited to be starting my new sculptures. I have a commission to carve in HamHill stone next month so my first carving was in a sample sent to me by Hadspen Quarry I had tried some simple letter carving in it first but it was such a lovely colour and natural shape that I knew I could carve a face in it. This would give me an insight into it’s carving qualities for my commission.

Hand carved Ham Hill stone

This selection of photos shows the development over two days from the sphere to the two faces. I have only just started chiselling the outlines of the hair and the faces are not finished yet. I am looking forward to progressing with this carving and exhibiting in the FarOpen exhibition this Summer.

I was able to work outside for a few days even though it was cold it was lovely to work in the sunshine. I am back in my shed now but it’s cosy in there.

I have uploaded a few videos onto my YouTube channel if you would like to see how I am carving my sculpture. There are some other videos showing me working on different carvings including my work on the War memorial before Christmas. I am looking forward to getting back on with that when I return to my studio.






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  2. Hi Caroline,
    Great to see you putting out videos of your process – looks amazing. I’ve worked out what I was doing wrong with my previous sphere and have started a new one. Irony is I’ve been unable to finish it due to rheumatoid arthritis making hand work almost impossible at the moment (I thought I had more time).
    Keep up the good work!

    By Graeme McDonald on Mar 10, 2021

  3. Thank you Graeme.

    By Caroline Horwood on Mar 12, 2021

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