Some of my carvings available to buy.

16 January, 2021 – 2:46 pm

During this lockdown obviously my shop is closed but here are a few things that I have available to buy from my shop.

My clocks are designed and hand carved out of a variety of stones. Cumbrian slate has a slightly blue/green hue whereas the Welsh slate is blue/black or heather coloured, My Cumbrian sandstone comes from St Bees and the Portland limestone from Dorset is either base bed which has less fossilised shell or Roach bed which has alot of fossils or voids where fossils didn’t form.

My hand carved calligraphy is designed by me and drawn directly onto the stone so that it works with the shape of the stone. I choose the paint or gold leaf finish depending on what I think will look right.

Leaves, flowers and the Green Man provide me with an endless source of inspiration. I have a wide selection of bookends but is one of my simplest pair, he natural beauty of the calcite and fossils being the only decoration that they need.

This selection of sculptures were inspired by the fluidity of nature and the simplicity of Ice-Age sculpture. Something that I have been exploring for a few years now.

I am happy to discuss commissions for most types of stone carving, sculpture and letter cutting

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  2. Good morning
    This is just an equity at the moment.
    My dads ashes have a post style block , which either needs replacing or left in situ.
    All I would like is a similar size plaque with my dads name. Brian Wiltshire and possibly date of birth and death .

    Obviously I am shielding until 21st Feb so I thought I would pass this by you hoping we could have a beautiful plaque made by yourself .

    Many thanks

    By Katharine Sammons on Jan 22, 2021

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