Some new Christmassy things

19 November, 2020 – 3:25 pm

It takes some time before the items I carve or create are ready to go on the shelf but here are the latest things for you to see.

The words that I carve are designed directly onto the stone so that it suits the space it is in but it is also based on my hand writing and the knowledge of calligraphy that I have gained over the years. I choose colours that I hope you like but if you want you can commission something and choose the colour that you like.

My candle caves are inspired by the ice age caves and you can just imagine sitting around a campfire creating, my next ones I am going to do some carve paintings inside.

At this time of year I love creating candle holders in all forms, some simple but carefully selected stone with a hole cut into it and some with some carving. The Forest of Dean sandstone I use comes from Blakeney and this is red, Birchhill quarry which has beautiful greens and browns and Barnhill Quarry which is a lilac or grey colour.


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