War memorial carving

4 August, 2020 – 5:44 pm

I have had a busy few weeks.

The gantry crane was swapped over on 21st July and the stone was put upright on the 24th July, I spent 4 days drawing the names and words on the stone. On Tuesday 28th July April the Clerk from the Parish council came and checked what I had done and obviously that I had all the names right. I was able to put my first chisel strikes there and then and it was an emotional time as all our hard work was finally coming to fruition.

It’s been a week of carving and here is the progress so far. I am keen to get on while the weather is still good as I anticipate another 6-8wks on this side and then another 7wks to work on the side that will honour those from the 2nd World War.


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