4 May, 2020 – 9:12 am

I spent most of April carving my stone sculptures and carving a whole new batch of my ever popular hand carved letters. I have been commissioned to carve some new house signs for people so that is what I was working on last week.

One of the signs which I have carved, painted and gilded is now ready for sanding to finish it off but I am still working on a raised letter sign. There are a few signs that just need their fixing holes drilled and two that I have only just drawn out ready to to carve.

The last 3 in the pictures I was commissioned to carve during lock-down, I emailed pictures and types of stone to my prospective customers and they chose or approved what I had drawn. The image with 4 pieces of stone are so my customer could choose her stone and font type. I am able to get on with these and then they can be collected once we are able to start returning to our lives.

I take a deposit which can be done with my credit card machine over the phone.

I have a couple of other commissions to start as well so if you would like to discuss an idea for a sculpture or some letter-cutting please get in touch.


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