A sculpture for this weird time

5 April, 2020 – 1:25 pm

Alot of emotions swirl around when we’re scared and frustrated. We’re not aloud to hug, shake hands or kiss.

Don’t sneeze or cough, don’t touch anything, wear a mask don’t wear a mask, wash your clothes as soon as you get back from the shops where you can’t buy what you want because everyone has panic bought.

I am no exception, I am keeping as busy as possible as it is how I am coping but deep inside I am scared.

I have designed this sculpture to portray this fear.

It is similar to my sleeping pixie and pins and needles but maybe my sub-concious has shown me the next one in this series,

I only have a small piece of stone to carve this in and can’t go to the quarry but I will be carving it out of Tetbury limestone and obviously keep you posted.



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