War memorial

17 March, 2020 – 2:12 pm

The stone has arrived and I am currently waiting for the gantry crane to be swapped over as the stone is heavier than was planned for. I am indebted to Reid Lifting, they are being so helpful by providing me with the equipment that I need for free and for the duration of the project.

Once the stone is upright then I can draw out the design and make a start, that all sounds very straightforward but it will take me roughly a week. There are 8 more names to add to the 1st world war side and 2 on the 2nd world war side. For the 1st world war carving this does involve a slight redraw to ensure that the names fit comfortably on the stone, I will do this once the stone is upright as the face is very random, so I need to design it around the irregularities.

As long as I can start the carving by the beginning of April I will still complete it in time for the unveiling on the 15th October.

I am located in a craft centre and I have taken the decision to close my doors to the public until further notice. I will be in my studio working as normal. Once the stone is upright I will be working outside anyway but due to the time element I will have to restrict questions by any visitors to on the hour during my stretch break. There are a few people collecting commissions so this will not change unless they decide to wait. 

This is an interesting and difficult time for everyone but if you would like to discuss a commission you can phone or email me.



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