Hand carved stone words

14 October, 2019 – 9:52 am

All the carving is done by hand using a variety of chisels depending on the hardness of the stone that I carve.

I draw them on the stone to suit the shape, and meaning of the word, they are all unique and while I may use the same word again and again there are no two alike. Each one is finished with either; 23 & 3/4 carat gold leaf which is laid over two coats of paint, painted with a diverse range of paint or left unpainted as sometimes it looks lovely without.

They are sanded if necessary but sometimes I will carve on an un-sawn surface this is trickier but adds a different feeling to the finished product.

As you can see not all my pieces of stone are sawn, I visit the quarries and choose and buy pieces fresh off the face to carve beautiful unique gifts for you.
These pieces are all available to buy at the moment but once they sell although I can carve the word again, it won’t be exactly the same.

I can carve these to order (commission waiting list is roughly 6-8mths) but I will be working on new pieces available to buy from my studio/shop at Taurus Crafts


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