War memorial for the Parish Mitcheldean and Abenhall.

19 August, 2019 – 8:00 am

 This side of the War memorial will commemorate the 1st World War.

This is a photo of my drawing, it is 3rd life-size scale, drawn on an A1 sheet but I couldn’t get it scanned to reproduce.

The Soldier in this image is a drawing that I made using several different images that I found online, the face is made up out of my imagination. The final carving however will use an image of a 1st World War Soldier from the parish.

 This side of the memorial will commemorate the 2nd World War and again the drawing is one that I did from several different photos with the face being taken from my imagination. The soldier will be carved from a photo of a real person from the parish who served in the second World War.


This commission is a huge honour, it is so important to remember the sacrifice these brave souls made and I am very proud to be carving it.

If you think that you can help financially in any small way please get in touch with Mitcheldean Parish Council via the Clerk, clerk@mitcheldeancouncil.co.uk


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