From the past to the future.

19 December, 2018 – 2:48 pm

The last stonemason’s festival that I took part in was in Ludlow in 2012. The subsequent 5 years would see me organise 3 more festivals and help raise money for The Llanthony Secunda Priory in Gloucester. They are open to the public now after alot of hard work by the trustees and also thanks to all the stonemasons who took part in my 3 festivals held here.

I am looking forward to taking part in some stonemason’s festivals next year but 2019 is going to start with a snowy adventure as I have been invited once again to take part in not one but two back to back snow carving competitions. There are three of us on team GB and we will start out in San Vigilio where we will carve my design, called “fate of the world”.

We will be provided with a 10ft cubed block of compacted snow and just 3 days.

We will then be transferred over to San Candido, where we will carve my team captain’s design based on the three wise monkeys.

More recently I have been working on a new carving from an old design, it was the carving that I designed for the Ludlow carving weekend but as with all events such as this we pour out heart and soul into our carvings and then they are sold to raise money for charity and we never see them again. I did actually bid on my carving as I genuinely wanted to keep her but luckily for St Lawrence’s Church I was outbid and she contributed £640 to the restoration fund.

This carving is half the size and carved from Lepine limestone, using this stone meant that I could carve more detail, as I wasn’t working to a clock I could also finish her as I had originally intended. This carving took me roughly 70hrs.

I put 2 pictures on because I couldn’t decide which one to use.

Happy Christmas everyone.


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