More images from my Canterbury trip

19 May, 2018 – 11:00 am

I thought I had more photos and here they are. I have also been sent some photos of me drawing which I am very thankful for.

While I was down in Kent, I visited to Dover with my parents. I took the time to sit and draw the iconic landmark, the Dover Castle so here are a few sketches that I made while I was there.

My sketches are not meant to be works of outstanding art, they are a snippet and a reminder, I take photos of things that I would like to come back to. My sketches are a training tool for me to become a more accomplished artist and with every drawing my eyes become better trained to observe perspective and to understand what it is that I am looking at. I recently visited Tintern Abbey and didn’t take my camera at all, I started several sketches which I look forward to going back and continuing with my studies. I will put these in another post.



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