Happy Christmas

18 December, 2017 – 1:38 pm

It’s alright, there is still a week until the big day and I have plenty of gift ideas for you to choose from.

I am trying to go plastic free, so please be patient with me as I wrap your purchase in cardboard and tie it with raffia.

I have some lovely hand carved gift ideas, prices start at £15 for a simple tealight holder in Forest of Dean sandstone, or a unique hand carved letter, prices for these start from £10 for the smallest ones, I also have hearts to make it an extra special gift for your loved one. I have a wide selection to choose from all designed and carved by me in my workshop here at Taurus Crafts.

If you feel like spending a bit more money I have some more detailed and larger pieces, all hand carved by me in a variety of Tetbury, Bath, Portland and Caen limestone, Forest of Dean sandstone and Welsh or Cornish slate. the designs include the green man and some beasties with cheeky grins or more classical carvings of beautiful and thoughtful faces. I have a delightful selection of my more abstract sculptures available for sale as well and these have been designed from my drawings using found objects that fascinate me from the natural world. 

My carved words are not just a word, I have designed the lettering to enhance the word and chosen the stone because it is beautiful. I put alot of thought into my creations and they are unique to me. These are priced per letter, the finish, the type and size of the stone and of course any embellishments, these are also a great example of what you could have if you would like to commission a house sign.

I also have some casts of my clay or plaster creations in jesmonite, these are still unique to me but because they are casts they can be reproduced and so this enables me to sell them at a lower cost.

I design and make my own range of sterling silver jewellery which is available to buy from my shop at Taurus Crafts.

I have started selling a small selection of stunning metal pieces by the talented Missfire.


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