Bacchus Green Man carving

21 December, 2017 – 10:22 am

What a busy few months I have had. Alongside my commissions for hand carved house signs I have been working on my carvings.

This one which I have been working on since August is the Bacchus Green Man carving. I am using an old piece of  Portland limestone that I bought from a retiring stonemason. It has some interesting features in the stone which is forcing me to be more creative in my method of carving. One end of the stone is part of the roach bed layer. It is interesting as it has fossilised seashells but also some that are just spiral shaped voids where a creature once was. This is an excellent way of learning the natural differences in various stone that I carve.

The other end of the stone is called basebed so is geologically older and also much denser and more consistent, therefore easier to carve. These different beds in the stone are shown in the photos.

As you can see I am starting to undercut the leaves and grapes so I am gradually getting closer to the finish but I estimate another 150-200 hrs carving.


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