My paintings and drawings.

7 November, 2017 – 3:49 pm

As an artist it is very difficult to get the balance right, particularly in such an industrial art-form.

Just recently I had some time off to rest my back and decided to do some drawing. I like to draw, obviously I  need to design and sketch for my commissions and stone carvings that I sell in my studio but for some reason I haven’t been working towards selling my drawings.

A part of me forgot that fine art was the basis of my degree and that as I trained as a stonemason I could only make my living from my stone carving and letter cutting.

I have been sketching with an aim to having them printed for cards and I have also been working on some pastel drawings and oil paintings to have framed to sell as the originals.

I have reset the balance and I am taking time to develop my drawing and painting.

Here are just two of my original paintings ready to sell.  


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