Final photos for Art Nouveau Style Memorial

25 November, 2016 – 12:51 pm

I hadn’t realised that I haven’t posted the final photos for the Art Nouveau inspired sculpture memorial that I carved for Highgate Cemetery in London.

Portland limestone is a very fine stone and ideal for this type of carving, I would love to attempt something similar in marble one day but need to practice with that stone as it is harder and more difficult to work with but the final finish can be much finer and smoother leading to a greater amount of detail.

I was terrified when she was lowered onto the pallet-not because I didn’t trust the men moving my sculpture but because my sculpture was finished and was leaving, no more tinkering she was off to be a poignant reminder of a loved one’s life.

I am very proud of this sculpture, it represents a culmination of the training, hard work and dedication I have towards my work but it is also as with all my carvings a stepping stone towards the future. My carving will continue to improve and I look forward to this journey with anticipation and excitement.


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