Christmas gifts

21 November, 2016 – 12:55 pm

At this time of year we are all trying to buy our friends and family beautiful and thoughtful gifts for Christmas presents.

I have been hard at work in my workshop at Taurus Crafts designing and carving especially for you. I have a very wide selection this year as I have been carving furiously to make sure I have enough-last year I sold out of so many of my stone carvings. I have come up with many different creations for you hopefully to suit all pockets. Some with Christmas in mind and some that will grace any sideboard, shelf or occasional table.

I didn’t have time to photograph everything before my short break so I will add some more when I return to my shop.

I have been exploring casting as a way to produce small creations and I have included a couple on here, I either carve the original in plaster or model it in clay, then I pour molten rubber over to create a mould which I can take duplicate casts from. They are never exact copies as I always carve them a little once they come out of the mould. I use a material called Jesmonite, an acrylic based plaster, weather proof and non toxic. I have been painting these up as you can see the red calf and the gold roundel grotesque. I will be exploring bronze powder which is mixed with the jesmonite before pouring. This technique allows me to make more than one of a creation, still unique to me but as a more affordable alternative to my stone carvings (of which there will only ever be one)

I’m afraid that I can no longer guarantee commissions taken now for Christmas presents will be ready by Christmas but sometimes what people do is have a small piece of random stone to give as the present to tease the intended until the carving is ready, just a bit of fun….

I look forward to showing you more of my creations when I return to my workshop on Saturday 26th November.


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