Christmas presents

6 October, 2016 – 11:52 am

Sorry, I can hear you all groaning as I mention the word Christmas but as some of you are well aware I carve everything I sell (with the exception of my popular hessian bags and my stone paper notebooks).

I am currently working to an 8wk waiting list for commissions so with this in mind I will need orders for Christmas presents in by the end of October to ensure completion and delivery in time. I will be taking Christmas and regular orders all the time but after October I can’t guarantee their readiness.

I am working on a lovely new selection of seasonal carvings as well as beautiful carvings that would compliment your home and garden. I have 4 new sets of Forest of Dean sandstone bookends ready to carve and some more Tetbury limestone ones that I will be working on in the next couple of weeks. I have designed two lovely flower friezes and some more sculptural pieces & a sandstone bowl that will be carved in a pretty piece of mauve Forest of Dean sandstone.

I am also working on 2 larger sculptures in Caen and Portland limestone, a small figure in a piece of marble & a lovely face in a piece of St Bee’s sandstone from Cumbia-this stone is very dense and is a beautiful red ochre colour.

Obviously I am still working on the carving of a brown bear eating a fish which is a commission I hope to have him finished in the next couple of weeks. This is alongside a variety of letter cutting both for my shop and for particular orders.

There are three markets at Taurus this year on the 3 weekends in December, fresh Christmas trees, wonderful produce from The Cowshill Farmshop and plenty of fabulous things to buy from all of us at Taurus Crafts plus the extra stalls that will be open.


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