Final installment of our trip to Breckenridge.

4 March, 2016 – 7:21 pm

Well here are the final photos. As you can see despite the altitude and climate we were able to complete our dragons.

We had to have a shade put up as the glorious sun was melting our carving and detail was being lost. On Wednesday Ed carved the ice we had made from some of our melted snow into teeth, they looked amazing when we attached them late on Friday night but by 10am on Sat they had melted slightly so weren’t as effective.

On Friday I worked primarily in the shade as I was carving the belly and under the neck. It was so cold, I felt like a child again when we used to play in the snow. After a while though I realised just how cold I had become. Thankfully there were hand dryers in the rest rooms, these helped me thaw out a little so I could continue. I think you can get an idea of this from the photo of me sitting up just how cold I had become. Eventually however I had to find a job in the sunshine my poor frozen butt couldn’t take it any more! I moved into the sunshine to work on re-shaping the second dragon’s head and neck.

We worked until 11pm on the Friday night but we became too tired to carry on and didn’t want to make anymore mistakes so we decided to get back to it on Saturday morning. There wasn’t a lot more we could do and we finished in plenty of time. Sadly the German’s sculpture collapsed due to melt and I am really sorry but I didn’t get time to take photos of the other sculptures. These can be seen

Unfortunately I developed acute bronchitis and ear infections and so our day off on Sunday I spent in bed. I was naturally very disappointed as my partner and team mate Ed Francis and I were going to explore and take photos and generally enjoy some free time. It also meant that I missed out on the farewell dinner and the lit up sculptures. The level of skill was incredible and if I were ever to do it again I think I would want to spend a bit more time acclimatising before getting stuck into what can only be described as the hardest thing that I have ever undertaken.

Thank you to everyone for following and your continued support, I really hope that I did you proud.


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  2. Hey Carrie, can I just say as captain of the team that I am so proud of you and what you achieved in Breckenridge. Everybody reacts in different ways to altitude, and you sure did suffer. People have asked me why I chose Ed ,a non carver to accompany us. Well, sometimes it is good to have support in groups within teams. And that kind of worked out, Leaving me and Marie time to crack on with the work, while you two were on oxygen in the rest room. Anyway, the ‘Daily Telegraph’ placed us at 8th in there assessment. Which is not bad for a young team like us. Next time I hope to include you in a lower altitude event, if your up for it.

    By Ollie Annaly on Apr 5, 2016

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