Breckenridge part III

28 February, 2016 – 9:33 am

The glorious sunshine was lovely to see, Colorado has 300 days of it, the sky is so blue and so big. I really glad that my boyfriend Ed was on the team not only as a great team mate but also for moral, physical and mental support (all of these were being tested) as well as to experience this incredible country.

Even with the dry, thin air we were making good progress and once I could visualise what Marie’s design looked like in the snow I was able to work faster. My struggle with the altitude was more manageable but it was still such hard going. At sea level this would be so much easier! The challenge and learning how far to push oneself in such extreme conditions was a real learning curve.

Luckily for us some of the other teams pitched in when this 2 ton block of snow needed to be removed.

Once this large block was removed and Ollie had roughed out a space for me to work, I was able to get up on the what was going to be the belly.

I bought my tools from Dean Mowers in Blakeney, they are Wolf Garten gardening tools and the handles are interchangeable which was so useful, I had two favourite ones, the dandelion puller and the edge cutter, and with red handles they couldn’t get lost!

They’re finally taking some form, let’s see what the rest of the week holds for us.




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