Snow Carving Championship

1 January, 2016 – 2:44 pm

Happy New Year everyone.

I have some very exciting news, I have been invited to join team GB in their attempt to bring home first prize in The Breckenridge International Snow carving Championship in Colorado.

Ollie Annaly the team captain asked me if I would be interested back in May after my fourth Stone carving festival and now alongside Marie Louise Bolland-this year’s designer and Ed Francis we are all travelling in just 3wks to Colorado.

The design is inspired by a Welsh folk song about a white dragon and a red dragon fighting. We will have just 4 days to carve a 3m cubed block of compacted snow working in sub zero conditions at 10,000 ft. We will be carving the snow by hand using gardening tools such as edge cutters and hoes, also small hand saws, rasps and bespoke constructed hand tools.

We will have to wear numerous thermal layers including waterproof trousers, mittens, shoes etc. in order to maintain our warmth, it will be a real endurance challenge.

As well as working alongside 15 other teams from the international community we will be surrounded by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains as we are hosted by Breckenridge in Colorado. This is my first trip to the USA and I know that I will be overwhelmed by the shear expanse of this country.

We will only be allowed to use the snow we are given which will weigh approximately 20tonnes and there will be techniques we can use to remove the snow as well as stick it back to create the forms and features of the sculpture.

I hope to come back with a mind full bursting with new inspiration to apply to my sculpture and stone carving.

This is an entirely new experience for both myself and Ed Francis but I know that we will be able to adapt to the material and rise to this extraordinary challenge.

For more information please visit you can follow all the excitement and progress on twitter @gobreck #BreckBecause and obviously @CarrieHorwood #Team GB


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  2. Carrie
    What thrilling news!
    Erika and I wish you all every success; have great fun. Please keep warm.
    Lets have some photos and I will try to get them posted on the Company website.
    Happy New Year
    Bill Gloyn
    Worshipful Company of Masons

    By Bill Gloyn on Jan 1, 2016

  3. Good luck with all of this Carrie HORWOOD you will be amazing!!!!!

    By Sally Moore on Jan 1, 2016

  4. Glad to have you and ed on board.I think it is very important to expand peoples artistic horizons. As you do with your carving festival and teaching…thank you

    By ollie annaly on Jan 1, 2016

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