What’s in my shop at the moment?

13 August, 2015 – 7:21 pm

In between my commissions and the scheduled activity days I have been busy carving some new items for my shop, rather than take lots of individual shots I decided to show you what’s on the shelves. Hopefully this helps with the scale of the items as well.

Although I do repeat some of the words that I carve no two carvings are the same so if you see something you like and it sells before you snap it up I can re-carve but it won’t be exactly the same.

I sold ‘smile’ and the Welsh slate tea-light holder in front of the green man carving today and obviously the carved initials are always changing as I sell them and re-carve in the various stone that I have.


I try and be as creative as I can with the bookends so again while I might repeat motifs such as the musical notations and acorn/oak leaf designs they will always be slightly different than the previous incarnations. The pieces of stone are always different for a start!

You will be pleased to hear that I discovered a small piece of the red/grey Mitcheldean sandstone while tidying my workshop and so there will be a few more of the carved initials in this stone but be quick, these are very popular. I have also upgraded my dice, they now have red dots-if you want a different colour just let me know and my key-rings come with or with out a clip so you can attach them to your belt or your handbag if you want.

Please be aware that I am working to about an 8wk waiting list at the moment so if you want something made especially then please give me as much notice as you can to avoid disappointment.

Thank you.



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