More space!

21 May, 2014 – 6:19 pm

Exciting news, I am expanding into a larger space at Taurus Crafts. The space is in the main courtyard in what was the production end of the Pottery which sadly was closed as it was no longer sustainable.

I will be able to offer my have a go sessions and classes on a more regular basis timings to be confirmed once I have got organised.

Because of the added space I will be working on some larger stone carvings, my shop will be larger and I hope more visitor friendly.

Please be patient though as I am moving in the next couple of days and because of the short notice BT are unable to move my communication systems for at least a week and therefore all credit card payments will have to go through the Taurus gift shop-obviously if you plan on visiting and buying or commissioning something it would be greatly appreciated if you can pay cash!!

This is a great opportunity for me as an artist and a stonemason.

See you soon.



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