January Sale

1 January, 2014 – 7:00 pm

I need to make space for some new carvings so here are the carvings I have available in my sale.

As well as these carvings there are some of my Christmas carvings available in the sale with up to 25% off until the end of January.

The Girl with an Alice band in her hair, carved from Portland limestone and she took me 55hrs to carve, I have reduced her from £700 to £300. 10 x 10 x 11 inches. I created a head in clay and cast the model in plaster, this was the basis for this carving and as I was working on the very hard piece of Portland limestone this head grew out of the stone. The Portland limestone was bought from Albion Quarry on The Island of Portland in Dorset. The quarry had recently dismantled an old building I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a pallet of Quoin stones (corner stones) and these pieces have been carved into many lovely sculptures.

This carving has now sold.

Beastie, carved in Tetbury limestone his price is £650 now reduced to £300. He is 12 x 12 x  12 inches, the cost of the stone for a piece such as this would be about £100, this carving took me 40hrs so as you can see this is an absolute bargain. Beastie was inspired by a carving I saw on a visit to Cardiff. He is now sold.

Octagonal Birdbath was £450 now only £300. This stands 31.5 inches high. To give you some context, this price only covers the cost of the stone, if you would like to commission something like this it would cost from £600 depending on the amount of design, detail and type of stone.

The snail carving is inches and is carved from Tetbury limestone, this carving is reduced from £450 to £300.  (size to follow)

Half egg birdbath, carved from Syreford limestone. This is one half of an egg that I carved out of a 2ft x 15inch square piece of stone, I decided to hollow this stone out once I had determined that it wasn’t going to fail in the frost. I plan on hollowing out the other half and these could be purchased as a pair for £300 or singularly for £175 each.

These prices do not reflect prices of commissioned pieces.







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