My latest carvings and creations

20 December, 2013 – 11:53 am

Well I have been busy making some lovely new carvings and jewellery, here are the latest photos.

Please click on the photo for information including dimensions and prices.

My bookends have been incredibly popular, I have been buying Forest of Dean sandstone in slab form, choosing the pieces with the most interesting colouring and the rough hewn edges, each piece is unique. Prices start from £45 for the simplest design.
They are approximately 2.5 inches deep and 9 inches high but sizes do vary slightly so if you need a specific height this can be carved to order.

Candles are always very popular on these cold winter nights bringing warmth and light into our homes. I try and be as creative as possible and on some of the pieces I have carried the motif through the candle holders and onto the bookends.
My inspiration comes from shapes and forms of things I observe in nature my surroundings and everyday life.

Faces are always fun to carve I get to make things appear from a hard lifeless block of stone. I have been carving a lot of the Forest of Dean sandstone so I decided to carve something a little softer and that didn’t require me to wear a dust-mask. The Barn Owl carved from a piece of Caen Stone-the original Cathedral building stone is my latest creature, inspired by the commission I undertook last year not as detailed and slightly smaller hence the very reasonable price of only £185.

I have been exploring the flower in architectural form, and of course the star, I am going to do more research into fractal form in order to carve a more realistic snowflake but here are my offerings for beautiful and ornamental pieces.

My pendants and earrings are proving very popular and I am having fun exploring my creative side from an alternative perspective, I like sewing so it seems natural to me to sew silver wire, I particularly like the button stitch that I have done on the Welsh slate pendant, soldered for a permanent finish. These lovely earrings are a commission for a climber who doesn’t have her ears pierced and after purchasing a pendant wanted some matching earrings it took me a while to come up with the design for the connecting wire but I like it.

I am a letter cutter as well as a carver and stonemason, so here are some examples of the latest collection of words carved and painted in beautiful Forest of Dean sandstone. I can use gold leaf but in this instance I have used gold paint it still looks lovely and will endure outside.

These designs are the latest in my collection and obviously there will be more coming but once these are gone I can only try and carve similar never the same.

And finally the last image, I sold this a couple of weeks ago but I loved this piece, it has led to a commission and hopefully it will be brought out every year and ultimately become a family heirloom.

Merry Christmas to you all and thank-you for your continuing support.


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