Pendants and Earrings

19 September, 2013 – 10:00 pm


Using Sterling Silver wire and soldering where necessary to make bails or wrap various pebbles and rocks that I have tumbled and polished.

Here is the latest selection of pendants and earrings that I have made. Prices start at £18 for a pair of completely unique earrings in Welsh Slate or Red Jasper.

I have made a selection of pendants with Sterling Silver bails and cut grooves in some of the rocks then put wire in the groove finally finishing with the bail all one piece of Silver and then soldering to hold it in place.

The Red Jasper takes 6-8wks to tumble until polished and up to 20mins to drill. The Granite tumbles for 2wks and then I finish the polishing by hand. The Welsh Slate tumbles for a week.

I also find interesting and beautiful pebbles on the beach which I tumble to get a shinier finish.



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