My Masons Mark

31 July, 2013 – 2:21 pm

Some of you may want to go and find my stonemasons mark, I have put together a few photos of where you can see it in the greatest quantity. Back in 2000 I was recuperating from a nasty injury which prevented me from working outside in the cold and with cold water-what we used to clean the stone with, therefore I spent alot of my time in the workshop with my stone axe and the templates for the replacement pier stones, mainly carved in Birdlip limestone. At the time we were seeing if it was possible to use the original building materials, sadly there just wasn’t enough of it.

The photos are from the outside wall of the painted chapel.

The photo of the South Transept face is in there because near the top on the west turret I carved a replacement capital and springer stone in situe, the left hand one of the 2 middle ones, they make up the support of the blind arcade arches. It was to replace stones that had no template nor could one be created, as the original masons also carved them in situe and carved them to fit. I also did extensive work along the string course and obviously cleaning the turret as well-this work was carried out in 2002, I was able to carry on with alot more of my duties at this time.

If you visit the cathedral, take time to appreciate not only the work of the masons and craftsmen who built it, but also the continuing effort of todays masons and craftsmen.

Please follow this link for more information

I hope you enjoy your visit and looking for the masons marks of today.


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