The Gloucester Stone Carving Festival

12 May, 2013 – 11:56 am

Well there is only 2wks to go before the start of this event. I have worked tirelessly with the help of some very special people.

I am currently working on a carving as a raffle prize, the tickets are £2 each and the money that I raise form this will go in the kitty to ensure a successful event.

For more details on this event please visit

Here are the latest photos of the raffle prize, tickets are £2 each and will be on sale until the 27th May.

I have carved her hair to look like waves rolling back to shore.

As you can see I am piercing through the stone to allow the light through the carving, it also helps to make the carving not only look lighter but feel lighter.

I still have plenty to carve so imagine it will take me another 2 days.




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