The Ice Age Sculpture exhibition

26 February, 2013 – 8:30 am

My partner took me to The British Museum on Monday the 18th to see the Exhibition of Ice Age sculpture from 40-27,000 years ago.
What an inspiration, the detail in the carving using just primitive tools, chronicling their lives. The most important thing to them was women-they brought new life into their unsure world. They carved using flints and rocks out of Mammoth tusks and bones. The women were carved before, during and after pregnancy. They carved the animals that sustained them, decorated the weapons that they used for hunting. This was their life, staying alive, they had no books, no t.v. Their food wasn’t ready butchered and they had no other tools than the flint and bone. I can imagine them sitting around their fire, carving what they saw that day, the miracle of new life. I don’t believe that there are any hidden meanings. They carved life.
I have always loved carving the human figure and often the female form whether just the face or the whole body, clothed or naked but I became stuck, unsure where to go next. I used to visit the British Museum alot, it played a big role in my A-level sculpture project, Egyptian Cats. Where my stonemasons mark came from, also during my degree.
I always planned to spend more time drawing and although I do there was always the business of running a business. Being away from that surrounded by beautiful historic figures, sculptures items from the natural world has re-invigorated me, I feel as though I can re-focus and get stuck in.
I have alot of drawings from throughout my adult life of things that interest me and now I understand how to portray them. I have some new designs and I am working on some new sculptures, once I have completed my first one I will publish a new post with the drawings and images.


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