New Year, time for a change?

6 January, 2013 – 9:00 am

Happy New Year everyone.
We all think about things that we want to do to make our homes more appealing both inside and out. I will be carving a new number for my flat for example. It’s the little additions that make a big difference!
This is a house name that I carved before Christmas-a present to their house. Castle View House. It is carved in Welsh slate from the Horseshoe Pass in Llangollen. Elegant Swash capitals and lower case italics. Size of slate 10×8 inches. Cost unpainted £145.

They have opted to take it away and put it up to see what it looks like before the letters were painted. If they decide that they want them painted they simply bring it back and for an extra £30 I paint the letters in whatever colour they choose.
They may decide that they like it as it is, it is important to give you the customer this choice as although I can remove the paint it is never the same as there is staining left, only removed by re-cutting the letter.

I have also included photos of another house name commission which was commissioned as a Christmas present. Esnadene. It is carved in Forest of Dean Sandstone and is painted with a gloss blue paint, which offers a beautiful contrast to the stone and makes it easily legible. The ‘E’ is 4 inches high and the lower case are 2 inches. you may notice that the ‘E’ is not in line with the rest of the word, this was a specific design for the customer. You remain in control of your commission-I am the facilitator of your ideas! As you can see it has been dug in to their bank and looks marvellous. The cost for this was £125.

The number 4 is carved in the same slate as Castle View House and is 5 inches square, it is unpainted. The cost for this is £25, if it were to be painted it would be £27.50.

For mounting on the wall I drill the holes and provide the fixings, alternatively they can be built into the wall. For a small fee I can carry out the installment for you (local area only).


I hope this gives you some ideas for what you can do to spruce up the outside of your house.




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