Commission for a face in the flowers.

2 May, 2012 – 7:34 pm

I was asked by a lovely lady who had been given a voucher for one of my carvings as a present, to carve an amalgamation of 2 of my other carvings. Arty who you may be familiar with and a very leafy, flowery carving.

Obviously this is quite a tricky thing to do as I can’t ever repeat what I have done-unless I work in the same manner as I did with the Cherub commission.

So I roughly drew on the surface of the stone what I wanted to achieve and started to cut away the waste. The stone stands 33ish inches high x 15ish inches wide and it had an incredibly hard shelly side and a lovely creamy side-so naturally I had to alter my way of carving to suit both types!

As I went along, more of what I wanted started to come to light and my progress became easier.

I hope you like him, and I hope my customer is happy with their very own Face in the Flowers!


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