The next project.

15 April, 2012 – 5:24 pm

I will be putting the cherub commission on hold for a few weeks while I get on with some other commissions. However as my website is about 2wks behind the cherubs, there are still 2 more posts to go up!
The next commission is a carving of a Green man with rams horns and ivy leaves, lots of daisy flowers and big petals. I have a lovely big piece of Tetbury limestone from my favourite quarry, Veizeys. I will be putting up a post as I go, but I anticipate that it will take me about 10 days.
There are 2 more Freeminer plaques to carve in Welsh slate-the slate is from The Horseshoe pass.
I have just completed a house name in the red forest sandstone, then there are a few more letter cutting jobs to complete.

I will be having a 3wk break from commissions at the beginning of June in order to carve some more pieces for my shop, also to have some time to get on with my slate carvings.

The next few months are looking very exciting and I hope you are enjoying reading about what I do.

Please feel free to write a comment at the bottom of any post that peaks your interest-I will reply. šŸ™‚


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