Highnam Court Spring Fair 2012

29 April, 2012 – 10:19 am

Well the great British weather strikes once more!

I am writing this on the day when I should be there carving, but the weather is horrendous out there-the event was cancelled.

Thankfully we were warned that this could happen and therefore I decided not to carve what I had planned but fail over to something I am confident in carving.

We had a small marquee-there were only 5 of us and we were situated next to the lake and the classic cars, excellent spot, shame the sun wasn’t shining.

The stone was a soft Cotswold limestone but when it’s dry I’m sure it’s lovely to carve! Thankfully my piece appeared to be drier than the others-I always have a good look at all the pieces to see which one is the best.

You know me I love to carve faces, and so I thought rather than be disappointed and not finish, I would carve Mother Nature herself!  Obviously I could have carried on for another day and I would have been much happier with the finished carving but I hope that you will agree she’s not bad for just 9hrs carving!

Because Sunday had to be cancelled, the competition side was called off, however people had bought raffle tickets, and mine was finished therefore it was not the winner but it was one of the prizes in the grand draw. I hope whoever won her will enjoy her and forgive me for not finishing her to the standard that I would have liked.

Next carving event is Ludlow in 4wks!


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