Cherubs VIII

9 April, 2012 – 7:10 am

Well as you can see the beautiful weather is ideal for working outside, this light is perfect for seeing detail and obviously once I have washed the dust off, I can see what needs to be worked on next!

Having put the first shapes over the hair I can start to work on the wings. I find it very important not to concentrate too long on any one feature as each area should relate to the next.

The wings need to be figured out, I have never seen a cherub so I used my imagination to decide how to carve the details. Obviously there is the primary wing but what happens then?! I consulted my extensive library of renaissance sculpture and carried on.

I carefully cut feather shapes to give myself a starting point-there is plenty of stone and so I could change the shapes as I saw fit until I was happy with what I saw.

I spent some more time on the hands and refining the shapes of the curly hair before giving the sculpture another rinse and then deciding on the next area to work on.



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